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We create a trusted bridge between our Partner companies and their customers, wherever they are, through innovation and security

M2t was the pioneer and is today’s leader and the specialist in multi channel secure payment services, as well as in SaaS services, for Utilities, Telecom operators, Transporters and money transfer organizations.

Present in Morocco, Senegal and France, and with customers in Nigeria, La Reunion, Gambia and Madagascar we are proud to serve renown multinationals, as well as public and private companies.


Multi channel secure transactions processing platform


Designed and developed by M2t team, GETI is a secure multi institution, multi channel secure transactions processing suite.



Geti, Geti Mobile, Geti NFC & Geti Pétroleum

Forecasting the technological evolutions of Financial activities and global market trends M2t was also a pioneer and designed, developed and implemented since 2008 Geti®Mobile, Geti®NFC, Geti®Petr, Geti®Web solutions, to cover new channels and state of the art technology such as NFC.

Geti® includes classic and new financial payment modules : multi device (contact & contactless card, NFC Tag/sticker, mobile) classic and instant issuing, multi channel acquiring, authorization, risk and compliance management, clearing & settlement, advanced monitoring, POS terminal EMV and contactless applications, etc.., as well as a Secure Internet payment gateway, a Mobile payment gateway and, last but not least, last generation value added services payment modules


Internet on line secure payment gateway


AmanPay est une solution & plateforme de paiement en ligne conçue et développée par M2t, sécurisée, simple d’utilisation et rapide à intégrer sur votre site e-commerce.



Together, let us re invent on line payment

Amanpay® allows e-merchants to accept secure on line payments on their website or web application, integrating several channels and modes (bank card, e-wallet cash in physical network, …) and groups them in a single user friendly interface. 

Designed from the start to adapt to all navigation supports, Amanpay® aims to allow and facilitate to everyone secure multi choice internet payments, and offers to its e-merchant Client Partners a 7d/7 customer relationship center and a technical enhanced support for their projects.


Bringing Payments to People